Our Story

We serve coffee, but we are not a typical coffee shop. In our country, coffee is a tradition observerd for decades. We offer a diverse set of tried and tested special recipes for your favourite drink. Coffee is passion, it is emotion and spirit. With us you will find all this in a pleasant atmosphere and always served with a smile. Visit us and stay for a glass of real pleasure.

Our prices


Espresso$ 3.25

Americano$ 3.50

Macchiato$ 3.75

Cortado$ 4.25


Drip$ 3.00

Drip au Lait$ 3.25

Pour Over$ 4.50

Cold coffee

Cold Brew$ 4.00

Iced Latte$ 5.25

There is no better start to the day than a morning cup of hot, fragrant coffee with a little milk, cinnamon and brown sugar. A sip of it charges all the senses and gives you an even better sense of aroma.

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